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Nathan Dunlap’s last appeal has been rejected by United States Supreme Court. Mr. Dunlap was convicted of murdering 4 people at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Arapahoe County, Colorado in 1993. The motive for the killing was Mr. Dunlap’s anger having been fired by Chuck E. Cheese.

He is currently one of three people on Colorado’s death row. Criminal attorneys for Mr. Dunlap will most certainly make one final attempt to save his life by seeking clemency from Gov. John Hickenlooper. It is very unlikely that they will be successful.

Executions are carried out by lethal injection in Colorado. The Court’s refusal to hear this last appeal clears the way for the Colorado Department of Corrections to set an execution date. Former Arapahoe County, Colorado District Attorney, Jim Peters, was happy with the Court’s ruling. Mr. Peters stated, “we are one step closer”.

Such cases are difficult for criminal attorneys who represent clients charged with murder. While all defendants are deserving of a quality criminal defense and a fair trial, knowing the guilt of a defendant can tax the morals of any criminal defense attorney. Only those criminal lawyers who recognize that their job is to uphold the Constitution, provide a quality criminal defense, and force law enforcement, and the prosecution, to be fair and ethical during the investigation and the subsequent criminal trial.

M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C. does represent clients in Denver, as well as all other Colorado jurisdictions, accused of murder. Our criminal attorneys recognize that all defendants deserve to be treated fairly and be afforded the presumption of innocence. Our attorneys will fight for the rights of any defendant charged with murder, and all other forms of criminal homicide. We recognize that our role is to ensure that anyone prosecuted for the charge of murder is afforded a fair trial. Further, our role is to ensure that those who are falsely accused of murder, or any form of criminal homicide, are appropriately exonerated. You can read more about our Denver murder and homicide criminal attorneys HERE.